Look Left, Right, Then Left Again Cache

This cache is located at a very busy convenience store on Hwy 98 out near Sandestin.

At a Shell Station I think.

The directions tell you that it’s on the public right of way around the store so we voted that the Island King would get out and walk around the right of way.

He searched all over and the GPS unit put him in the right of way but he couldn’t find anything.

I got out and helped search a little but there were so many Muggles and I felt like we were drawing attention so I got back in the car.

Turns out we were drawing attention.

One of the cashiers came out of the store for a smoke and then started watching the Island King. He even stepped out a little to see him better and it was obvious the Island King was searching for something.

I wonder if this guy has been watching a lot of people lately because this spot has been hit a lot according to the logs.

I tried to call the Island King to let him know he needed to be a little more discreet but of course he didn’t have his phone with him.

We really need to do something about this communication problem.

He walked across the street to the Antique Mall and searched a little and then back to the original spot the GPS had taken us.

Still no luck.

These nanos are really hard to find and it’s hard not to draw attention to yourself in a busy spot like this.

It was beginning to get dark so we decided to run on out to Silver Sands and see if we could spot those two caches before dark.

We’ll have to try this one again another day I guess.

About a month later I was driving by that spot and it hit me where the cache was hidden.

The answer was in the name of the cache.

So I pulled in and went to the stop sign at the right of way we'd searched last time and stuck my hand up the hole between the sign and the post.

And there it was. A little tiny nano cache.

Too bad the name didn't register the last time we looked for it.