Sunday, February 11, 2007

Looking For Something Fresh? Cache

A new cache popped up today and we were off to find it.

The GPS gave us an idea where we were going and then I remembered the new Fresh Market that’s under construction so we pulled in and according to the GPS we had arrived at the right location.

We searched some bushes in the front of the store for a minute but when I took the GPS from the Island Girl I saw that we were WAY off.

We drove around behind the store and the GPS said we were much closer.

I gave the GPS back to her and she led us to a spot along the edge of a hill.

This is a sand hill that they’ve put a lot of pine straw on and a sprinkling of bushes. I could see where someone else had already climbed up the hill and the pine straw was all messed up.

The kids climbed up to the top (leaving huge holes in the straw and sand as well) and even though common sense told me not to climb the hill I started up anyway.

There was a light there so I used the base as my first step and when I put my foot on it I noticed that the metal plate along the bottom was very loose. I lifted it up and sure enough there was a Sucrets sized container covered in cammo tape under the plate.

We got in the car to examine the contents and found a Diabetes Travel Bug.

After leaving the Doughboy TB in Kellaire Gardens I just couldn’t resist and I grabbed it.

I’ll move it to somewhere in Fort Walton I think.

After we finished with the cache I put it back and then spent some time fixing the pine straw. I did a pretty good job but unless everyone who comes here finds the cache without climbing the hill the landscapers will be raising cane and the cache will have to be moved I’m sure.

It will be interesting to see if this one lasts.

We took the TB, a fishing lure, a carabiner and a bouncy ball and left a golf T, a raccoon key chain, a green army man and a carved elephant.

After we signed the log we were off - another smiley under our belts.
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