A Nice View of the Harbor Cache - 2nd Try

I can’t stand not being able to find a cache so close to home so this afternoon I loaded the family up and off we went to look for this one again.

I figured that with all 5 of us hunting someone would find it.

I was right.

The Oldest Island Boy made the find today by pointing out the obvious to us.

The GPS took us back to the same place in the park next to a magnolia tree. We looked all around and no one was seeing it and then the Oldest asked about the sprinkler head.

The Island King immediately said no but then I looked at it and there was another sprinkler head right by it which is odd and then I saw that the one the Oldest was pointing to had a Rainbird sticker on it and was above ground some and the other head had no sticker and was even with the ground.

I touched the Rainbird sprinkler and knew that was it. It came right up and the cap screwed off and there was the log.

Man, these people are smarter than I thought! This was excellent cammo because we were looking for cammo – not a sprinkler head.

The Oldest was very proud of himself.

After seeing this I decided that the cache at Home Depot must be the same thing so we jumped in the car and headed for the Depot.