A Road No More Cache

A Road No More cache.

After we left the Old Ferry Cache we headed back west on 98 for about a mile.

We turned North onto Bay Drive and then pulled over onto the old road which has now been bypassed to a red light on 98.

This is a multi cache so we drove down the old road until we were really close to ground zero.

The Island King started off into the woods on a deer trail while the boys and I were deciding if we should follow or not.

Then the Oldest Island Boy says "Look mom there’s another deer trail."

He was right – there was another trail just a few feet to the right of the trail the Island King was on.

The boys and I started down the second trail and immediately came to a big tree. A clue for the cache said "Clean Water, Timber and Recreation" and tacked onto the tree was a forestry sign that said the same thing.

As I was reading the sign and realizing we were at the clue the Oldest yells I found it!

There it was at the bottom of that tree. He gets full credit for that find – he saw the trail and found the cache while I was still processing the clue and the tree and his Dad was off on another trail.

Good job son!

Now we have the coordinates for the 2nd stage so we plug them into the GPS and off we go into the woods on the other side of the abandoned road.

There isn’t much of a trail so we just rangered on in.

Luckily it was a pine thicket and not real dense so we were able to walk through without much trouble.

Along the way we passed a tree stand chained to a tree. The Island King commented that he bet the hunter that owned that stand doesn’t know there is a cache nearby and that cachers come tromping through there quite often.

I don’t think he’d like people scaring off his deer.

We found the cache under some palmettos.

The Island King spotted it first and then let the boys look. He tried to help the Youngest Island Boy but even though he was looking right at it he never saw it.

The Oldest finally spotted it and pointed it out.

This was an ammo box with all kinds of goodies in it.

We took an Iraqi language survival guide, a bicycle and a Vegas poker chip. We left a compass, golf tool kit and a $5 bill.

I think the Island King thought we weren’t leaving anything good enough so he pulled out his wallet and laid out some cash for the cache.

This cache also had an ink pad in it so we all left our finger prints on the log sheet.

Cool idea that I want to do in one of our caches.