Home Sweet Home Cache - Finally

At the end of February I decided that finding the Home Depot cache had become a very sick obsession of mine.

I even got dressed in the middle of the night one night and went up there to look for it.

I can 4WD miles into the Reservation and then bushwack my way several more miles to a cache but I can't find a micro hidden in a local parking lot a mile from my house?


It's a sickness I tell you.

So today I went after it yet again.

I had the Island Girl and 2 of her friends with me and after we'd done the standard "No I can't find it" search the Island Girl's friend says "I know the people who put out this cache, do you want me to call them?"


Calling the owner of the cache feels like cheating but at this point I can't take it anymore and so I tell her "YES! Call them!"

She calls them and I was able to get a pretty good hint from the owner.

She didn't tell me the exact spot but she did give me enough info for us to find it.

Even with her hints it still took the Oldest Island Boy's eagle eye to spot it.

And the comment in the logs about the man having long arms?

That wasn't because it was up high that was because it was SO deep down in the bottom of a bush that you had to have really long arms to grab it.

We'd searched this bush many times but I would never have dreamed it would be hidden so far down in there that you have to really pull the bush apart to find it.

Even though I got a big hint with this one I immediately felt relieved.

This obsession was starting to make me crazy and I have enough stuff in my life that makes me crazy without adding a film canister hidden in a bush.

As a side note... The cache was removed two weeks later because the bush had been completely destroyed and the Home Depot people were pissed.

I'm not surprised.