The Flash Mob Event

Some of the Panama City Beach geocachers put together a Flash Mob Event for Saturday.

A Flash Mob is an event where local cachers get together to meet and swap caching stories. It's usually a very short thirty minutes to an hour event and is really just a chance for locals to put a face with log names.

There are much larger weekend long events that take place and those draw cachers from all over but Flash Mobs are mainly for locals who can just stop by.

There was a couple that traveled from Tallahassee but I've seen their names in a lot of the caches in my area so I think they come over alot anyway.

It was really fun meeting everyone. I've email chatted with a lot of them and have hunted their caches and they've hunted ours and it was interesting hearing some of their stories.

The cachers who organized the event had a huge pile of travel bugs so those who came brought bugs and we had a big travel bug swap. I ended up with 2 pretty neat ones that I'm going to put in caches around here.

While we were there we asked about the Big Bounce Cache that we'd just come from. We learned that the cache is no longer magnetic and is now stuck in one of the edges of the ball.

We commented on the number of muggles and everyone laughed and told us that ball has been there for years but before construction of Pier Park the ball was just in the middle of a field.

No wonder the logs didn't mention the muggles LOL

After about an hour the event wrapped up and everyone headed for home.

I asked the Island King if he wanted to go back to the ball since we now know what to look for but he just rolled his eyes and said Not a chance! He hates being watched by muggles and is convinced someone will call the cops and he'll be accused of planting a bomb.

We were going to eat dinner somewhere in PCB but we were all tired and decided the drive home would be worse after a big dinner so we came back to town and ate at McGuires.

We had a really good time at the Flash Mob and can't wait to get together with everyone again soon. It was fun to put faces with cacher names.