Geocaching in Panama City Beach

We decided to attend the Flash Mob Event in Panama City Beach on Saturday and of course that meant grabbing as many caches as possible on our way.

We loaded the car Saturday afternoon and off we went.

Our first cache was Bat Circle which is located off Hwy 98 in an industrial park. There is a building under construction right next to the patch of woods the cache is hidden in but luckily it was Saturday afternoon and the area was deserted so we were able to grab the cache and sign the log with no problem at all.

Our next stop was Fishin on Back Beach. We expected a pond or a bait and tackle store but our GPS led us to a strip mall right on Hwy 98. Most of the places seemed to be out of business but there was a sign for a fish/pet store so I guess that's where the name came from.

The Island King made the find - spotting an ammo can in a bush along the sidewalk. I love these parking lot ammo cans - much better than the standard micro you usually find.

Yeah!! We've found 2 so far.

Off we go to the Highway to the Stars cache. This cache is a tribute to the Armed Forces and is located right at the intersection of the beach road and Hwy 79.

Needless to say we might not have seen any muggles at the last 2 caches but they were everywhere at this cache. The cache is a magnetic stuck to the bottom of the sign so I took the Oldest Island Boy's picture next to the sign and then signed the log and acted like a tourist fascinated with this old sign LOL

Our next cache was named The Big Bounce. And as we drive up we see a giant beach ball. The Island King checked the GPS and sure enough the coordinates for that one lead right to the beach ball we were looking at.

This beach ball is a giant statue in a roundabout in front of the movie theater and as luck would have it the movies were starting soon there were lots of muggles watching us as they went in.

The ball is in a raised sand bed and the sand had been raked perfectly smooth and the Island King kept saying "I don't think we're supposed to climb up in there."

But the GPS and the logs tell us that the cache is on the ball. So he gets out his binoculars and starts checking out the base of the ball but sees nothing.

Finally he tells us to wait here and jumps up into the sand next to the ball. He ran his hand all over the underside of the ball but came up with nothing.

In the meantime cars are driving around us in the roundabout and the people on the steps to the theater are staring at him like he's crazy. He comes back down and says "I didn't find it and I just don't think I'm supposed to be up there and EVERY one of these people are staring at us!"

It was time to head over to the Flash Mob Event so we decided we'd have to take a Did Not Find on this one. Maybe a late night commando mission is how to get this one.