Falling Trees

Holy Cow! I was sitting on the couch a little bit ago watching tv and working on a cross stitch project when all of a sudden I heard a LOUD crack and then an even louder crash. Something hit the eave over the window I was sitting next to and then there was a final crash/rustling sound. Both boys were awake and they came running in as I jumped up and since I had no idea what was happening I started yelling at them to get away from the windows and to get their dad. The Island King was out in the office and we all went running out there, me yelling "Get the flashlight, something's happened in the back yard!" He was moving too slow and I continued yelling "There's been some kind of EVENT in the back yard"
He said later that it was the word 'event' that got him moving LOL

We grabbed the flashlight and this is what we found in the back yard.

There's no wind tonight. None. It's perfectly still and yet this limb just broke and fell off.

The really scary thing is that we spend a HUGE amount of time sitting at that table. We practically live in our backyard and the kids spend hours out there every day.

Hours spent right where this limb landed.

I know limbs break and fall all of the time but I'm still in shock. We could easily have been sitting there. The kids could have been having popsicles in the shade.

This is the bird's nest we made a few months ago

This tree lost it's crown in Ivan

And ever since it's been growing out instead of up so maybe the limb got too heavy to support itself? We'll have to look at it more tomorrow and see if it was rotten or what happened.

And because the tree was crushing my table and chairs, as we watched, we needed to move it. Tonight.

Normally, the Island King really likes to use his chainsaw - but not at 12:30 at night. The limb was too heavy for us to lift off the table so he had no choice but to fire up the chainsaw. He wasn't too happy about it and I'm sure the neighbors really enjoyed it.

I kept waiting for a deputy to show up wanting to know why we were using a chainsaw in the middle of the night LOL We got lucky on that one but I can't wait to hear what Mr. G has to say tomorrow.

We were going to the beach tomorrow but obviously we've got something else to take care of instead

And of course every inch of that tree has to be checked out and if it looks like this will happen again, more limbs will need to be cut. I hate to lose the shade and I'm a die hard tree hugger, but we just can't have tree limbs falling from the sky and hurting us.

So now it's really late and I'm wide awake. I think I'll go look up random tree limb falling statistics LOL