Boy Scout Meeting

We went to our monthly scout meeting the other night (the boys meet once a week with their den but the whole pack meets once a month) and it was just full of surprises.

They started off with the flag ceremony

The Webelos put on a short demonstration of the things they've learned while earning their citizenship badges and the Oldest Island Boy and another boy were chosen to show how to fold the flag

The Youngest was breathlessly waiting for time to get his belt loops

And lucky for him, his den got to go first

When his den finished getting their belt loops and awards they were heading back to their seats when the pack leader told the Youngest to stay up there with him. The leader then told the Oldest Island Boy to come up too. Both boys looked really nervous and the pack leader said "Do you know why you're up here?" Both boys shook their heads no and the leader said "I want to know which one of you did it"

The Youngest immediately started saying "I don't know what you're talking about but I didn't do it"

The Oldest turned and looked at us with panic in his eyes

Then the leader told everyone that the boys had been on a scout fishing trip back in September and they'd earned fishing patch for that - which he gave them.

As they were sitting back down the Youngest said "I knew I didn't do anything to get into trouble for - today" LOL

The Webelos lined up to get their belt loops

And then it was time for a little pack business. The first thing the pack leader starts talking about is the Christmas parade float. He says he needs a volunteer to head up the decoration committee and oversee everything from the float being decorated to the candy being thrown.

There was a room full of people but no one was volunteering.

And then all of a sudden I see the Island King's hand go up in the air. He was on the other side of the room taking pictures so I couldn't grab his arm before the pack leader saw it and the next thing I know the pack leader has called the Island King up to the front of the room and is telling everyone that the Island King is in charge of the Christmas float.


On the way home I told him he was crazy for volunteering for the job of heading it all up and couldn't he just have volunteered to help? He laughed and said that he didn't know what came over him and that he just felt his arm being pulled into the air. "Maybe God wants me to do it," he said.

I'm sure this is going to be fun LOL