His First Redfish

The Oldest Island Boy caught himself a Redfish.

Around here, catching a Redfish is a rite of passage for a boy and the Oldest has been trying for 2 years to catch one.

After dinner the other night the boys packed up their fishing poles and off they went for a night of fishing.

They were gone for a couple of hours and when they got back the Oldest was so excited he barely let the truck stop rolling before he jumped out and came running inside to tell me about his catch.

He was so excited and he kept saying over and over again "I finally caught one!"

He caught it on his bait pole which made the catch even more exciting. Redfish hit their prey hard and fast so when this one took the bait it bent the pole almost in half. The Island King says it took the Oldest a long time to get the fish to the beach and that he offered to help but the Oldest was adamant about doing it all by himself.

"Great job!" I told him. "Now let's have a look at this fish"

His face fell a little and he said "It wasn't big enough to keep. It was one inch too short and Dad said we had to let it go"


He was a little sad about not being able to bring it home to eat but since his main goal was just to catch one he wasn't too upset.

He went on to catch a Bluefish, which he did bring home, and we ate it the next day.

I asked the Youngest if he'd caught anything and he said he caught bait for a while and then decided to build a giant sandcastle city so he didn't do any more fishing that night. He loves to catch bait because that happens pretty quick but he doesn't have the patience to sit with his line in the water waiting for a big fish.

And since this happened, the Oldest has wanted to go fishing every night so he can catch another one. Hopefully he'll get one he can keep next time because Blackened Redfish is REALLY good.