Blue Angel Homecoming Show

Our campground was only about a mile away from the flight line so Saturday morning we skipped right past the traffic and parking problems and walked to the show.

After seeing the massive traffic and cars parked up and down the road as far as you could see we decided this is how we want to do it every year.

There were all different kinds of airplanes set up on the tarmac that you could climb in and explore.

The favorite was, of course, the Blue Angels plane.

They let everyone climb up in it and then have their picture taken.

Another favorite was the KC-10 Extender.

Words cannot describe how massive this plane is.

The line was really long but no one seemed to care because everyone wanted to see the inside of this plane.

There were a lot of planes performing incredible maneuvers and Patty Wagstaff put on a white knuckle show that really amazed me.

We wandered the tarmac for hours, looking at everything and watching the planes overhead.

The Youngest thinks the Geico is pretty cool and jumped at the chance to have his picture taken with him.

Front row seats and bleacher seating were available but we had lots of kids that would never have been happy sitting still so we didn't go that route.

The drawback was that when it was time for the Blues to fly we were packed in the crowd - quite a few rows back from the flight line.

I was ok but felt bad for my Dad and the Island King, who spent most of the show with kids on their shoulders.

Fat Albert started the show and we got to see the last jet-assisted takeoff (JATO)the giant plane will do. Budget cuts and other factors have caused the Navy to drop the JATO from air shows after this one.

Which is a shame because it's a really impressive sight.

This giant aircraft comes lumbering down the runway

And then they fire off 8 fuel filled rockets which give the plane the capability to take off within 1,500 feet, climb at a 45 degree angle and reach 1,000 feet in 15 seconds.

Very impressive.

And then it was time for the Blues.

As always the Blue Angels put on an incredible show and I'm really glad we got to see them.