Pensacola NAS Power Plant

Pensacola NAS is a large base and being the horrible navigator that I am I got extremely lost the afternoon we finished our camping trip and headed for home.

I was trying to find the front gate, rounded a curve and ran into a large dock. The Oldest Island Boy tells me that he's positive that this can't be the way out and I had to agree because we'd run out of land and there wasn't a bridge in sight.

I pulled into a parking lot to turn around and we saw this.

Our curiosity outweighed the fact that we were exhausted and we had to stop and check it out.

The plaque told us that this chimney is all that remains of a power plant built in 1907. The building was destroyed during Hurricane Ivan but the chimney remained.

The chimney rises 150 feet and functions as an important navigational feature on the base.

Navigating to where I'm not sure but I do know finding it does not mean finding the way out.

It was a short pitstop but an interesting one. And it confirmed that I want to come back soon and explore the parts of the base that are open to the public. The architecture and history here are fascinating.