The Boy Scout Christmas Parade Float

Each year our Boy Scout troop has a float in the Destin Christmas parade. And this year, like last year, the Island King and I were in charge of decorating the float.

Our pack master works for Legendary Marine and every year they generously donate a boat for us to use in the parade.

This year's boat is a very nice, 38 foot Fountain Sportfish.

That must absolutely fly with all of that horsepower.

This boat is a repo so the sticker price is only HALF of the boat's original cost.

Legendary also lets us decorate the boat in their Whale Hanger so a bunch of us gathered there Friday night to turn the boat and the truck pulling it into Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and Santa's Sleigh.

There was a beehive of activity at one end of the hanger, with parents cutting cardboard for antlers and a sleigh runner, wrapping presents and stringing the boat with Christmas lights.

We realized that most of the boys were playing down at the other end of the hanger instead of helping us make their float but we quickly decided that we could finish a lot faster without their help LOL

They're sweet but seriously rowdy so directing them is a lot of work.

They did help some and were especially good at adding weight when the cardboard was glued.

We made a sleigh runner out of cardboard which we attached to the boat and made antlers for the top of the truck and were all really pleased with how it turned out.

The antlers and red nose weren't to be put on the truck until the next morning right before the parade and a plastic Santa was to stand on the bow of the boat holding reigns attached to Rudolph so I don't have a picture of the whole float but I think it would have looked pretty good.

We won't ever know though because the City has cancelled the parade because of rain.

We knew it was going to rain but the City wanted to wait until this morning to decide if it should be cancelled or not so we had to build the float knowing we might not use it.

To be honest I'm glad it's been cancelled. It's 40 degrees and there is a steady rain that's supposed to last until tomorrow and aside from being cold and absolutely miserable for 4 hours - who would be there to watch? No one will come to watch the parade in a cold, soaking rain so we'd just be rolling down Hwy 98 wet and freezing our butts off.

Unfortunately the City isn't going to reschedule.

But we had fun last night and that's what it's all about.