Destin Christmas Boat Parade

Sunday night was Destin's annual Christmas Boat Parade and as always it was great.

There were big boats

Medium sized boats


And one little tiny boat

Santa was on a boat

These people caught the Grinch and caged him up so he couldn't steal Christmas

Of them all this was our favorite.

We enjoyed the parade and when it was over we went in search of our car, which we'd parked in the garage of the Emerald Grand.

Because I have 'not being able to find my car' issues I'd made a big deal of making everyone remember what level and section we were in so I didn't think we'd have any trouble getting to our car.

But this is the Grand and we've never been able to find our car before so I don't know why I thought this night would be any different.

We got in the elevator and thankfully were alone so we didn't have anything like last year's elevator incident happen but when the doors closed and it was time to press P3, there was no P3.


There was a P1 and P2 and a P4 but no P3.

So we pushed P2 and hoped for the best.

The doors opened and after wandering around for a minute we ended up back at the elevator. All we'd seen were P2 signs on the walls and even though we knew there was a way out we didn't see it. The arrows on the floor just led us right back to the elevator.

Back into the elevator we go, hoping that a P3 button has magically appeared.

It hadn't so we pushed P4.

As we came out on P4 we could see P3 below us. And then we could see the van. Yes! We've found it.

So we followed the arrows expecting to walk down the ramp onto level 3 and straight to the van.

Didn't happen.

We followed the arrows and came back to the same damn elevator.

"Did you see the ramp? How did we miss the ramp?" the Island King asks.

I have no idea.

We got back in the elevator and the Island King pushes the just plain 3. Which took us to the 3rd floor inside the hotel.

Then he pushed the L button which naturally took us to the lobby.

Back to P4 which was the last place we'd actually been able to see the van.

We're back on P4 and are looking down at the van when one of the boys suggested climbing through the railing and jumping down onto the roof of the van.

I actually considered it for a minute and then realized that the cars on this level got here somehow and there had to be a way down.

We start walking again. Following the arrows. Ending up right back at the elevator.

But this time we notice that the down ramp is directly behind the elevator and what we thought was a parking spot was a tight turn around a corner and then down to level 3.

Good grief.

And no, neither of us had been drinking LOL

We were frozen and ready to be home but we did have a lot of fun.