NOT a Paparazzi

The Youngest Island Boy was spending a few days with his grandparents when I wrote this post about him being a paparazzi.

The next day I met my Mom in Navarre to pick him up and when he got out of the car, instead of hugging me, he folded his arms across his chest and said "I'm mad at you."

"Mad at me? Why?"

"You called me a paparazzi on your blog."

Umm. Hmm. Well. Yes I did call him that but I never thought he'd see my blog take me seriously.

His brother said "You don't even know what a paparazzi is."

And the Youngest went off. "Oh yes I do know what they are! They're people who invade your space and take pictures of you when you don't want them too. They're like stalkers or peeping Toms - and everyone hates them!"

He was really upset and I was having a lot of trouble not laughing because he was so cute and indignant but I managed to pull it together and reassure him that I don't think he's a paparazzi or a horrible person and that I was only joking.

"But what about the people who read your blog? Now they think I'm a horrible person."

I asked him if he wanted me to write a post telling anyone who reads my blog that he is not a paparazzi and he said yes.

So here it is.

I apologize to the Youngest Island Boy for making fun of him. He is not a paparazzi.
He does not stalk people or get into their personal space and he would never take pictures of someone who doesn't want him to.

I really am sorry that I hurt your feelings Son.

And I promise not to make fun of you any more.

We've got a big family - I shouldn't have any trouble finding someone else to pick on.