Beach Ducks

We met an interesting couple at the beach the other day.

They're an attractive pair and caught our eye as they made their way down the beach.

Something about us must have caught their attention as well because they wandered up to say hello.

She was quite chatty

But he was a little on the reserved side.

The Youngest Island Boy immediately went into Bird Boy mode and offered them a cracker.

The Island King shared his cracker too.

After visiting for awhile they moved on down the beach a little and picked a quiet spot to rest.

But then...

Another male swam up and our friend got really upset.

He took off running across the beach, head down, wings flapping, squawking like crazy right at the new guy.

Which made the new guy turn tail and fly away as fast as he could.

But just leaving the beach wasn't good enough and our friend continued to chase him out into the Bay.

I was curious how his wife was handling his fit of jealousy so I looked over and was surprised to find that she was completely unaffected.

She closed her eyes, tucked her head in and took a nap.

Her husband didn't give up easily and stayed out in the Bay, keeping a close watch over the intruder. Every time the new guy would start to get close to the beach again he'd fly straight at him, squawking at the top of his lungs.

Eventually the intruder gave up and swam off, the husband came back to the beach, collected his wife and off they flew.

He was so quiet when we met him that I never would have guessed he had such a jealous streak.