Reservation for Wellington

Have you seen the commercial for Fair Housing where the man calls a landlord and uses several fake names and accents to ask about an apartment for rent?

The Island Kings loves this guy and wanders around the house imitating him.

A lot.

So when we got to the Black Pearl the other night for the caching event the Island King walks up to the hostest and in a deep, fake voice says "Hello, my name is Graham Wellington. I believe you have a reservation for my wife and I."

And it became immediately apparent that the hostess has never seen this commercial because without batting an eye she says "Welcome Mr. Wellington, please follow me."
and starts to lead us to a table.

Which caused us to crack up.

So the hostess stopped and stared at us like we were nuts.

He switched to his real voice - which caused her to look at us even funnier - and told her he isn't really Graham Wellington and that we were there to meet some people on the deck.

The poor girl was completely baffled and sort of pointed us towards to deck, hoping we'd just go away now.

I can dress the man up but I just can't take him out.