My Hero

The Island King and I have been together for 23 years now and I have no doubt that he loves me.

But every once in a while he'll do something that reminds me just how much he'll do for me.

The night of the plane crash was one of those times.

As we were standing on the dock watching the search vessels I pushed my hair behind my ear and when I did one of the lens popped out of my glasses and fell straight down into the Bay.

Oh My God!

I can't see without my glasses and right now I can't afford to replace the ones I have.

My entire family stood there, looking down into the water with their mouths hanging open.

The water was crystal clear and we could see the bottom which was only about 4 feet deep - but the lens was clear too so we couldn't see it.

I felt it fall and I knew it went straight down and there wasn't a current running so I knew the lens was pretty much straight down from where I was standing.

Only I was standing on the dock. And the lens was down there.

There was no option but for me to jump off the dock and find my lens.

It's about 10:30 at night, a little chilly and the only light we have is the dock light - which must have a short because it would go off every couple of minutes and then come back on.

And then my husband started emptying his pockets. He's been feeling like he might be coming down with the flu for the past two days so I argued with him that I needed to be the one to go in.

He ignored me, took off his shoes and climbed over the edge of the dock.

He let out quite a howl when he hit the water, which was about 68 degrees.

He stood really still so he didn't stir the bottom up and started looking.

He thought he saw it and under he went.

And came up empty handed.

And then the damn dock light went out.

"Go to the house, get a flashlight, a small crab net and my mask" he tells me.

I was gone in a flash and I can say that I drove like a bat out of hell - without my glasses.

I was only gone about 4 minutes but I'm sure it felt like an eternity to him.

I handed him the flashlight, mask and net and told him he'd have the lens in a snap now that he had the tools he needed.

He doesn't look reassured, does he?

But one more dive, the flashlight and the net were the magic ingredients because up he came with my lens!


But we've still got one small problem.

The end of the dock is about 100 yards offshore and there is no ladder to climb back onto the dock.

And there he stands.

He doesn't want to walk because the bottom has a lot of rocks and oyster shells and he doesn't want to put his shoes on and get them wet so he walks around the end of the dock looking for a way to climb back up.

Which isn't easy because the pilings under the dock are covered with barnacles and you do NOT want to get scraped up by barnacles.

He finds a small foothold and starts his climb.

But by now he's really cold and feels horrible so the climb isn't an easy one.

He finally makes it, cold and dripping wet but successful.

I was so impressed and kept telling him he was my hero.

He told me that he was glad I felt like he was a hero but that if we weren't broke he would have told me that I needed to go get a new pair of glasses in the morning instead of jumping in the Bay.

I'm choosing to ignore that. I like the fact that he took the plunge and rescued my lens.