Travel Bugs

One of the really cool things about geocaching are the Travel Bugs.

Travel Bugs are marked with a special geocaching tag and then left in a geocache. Another cacher comes along and moves the Travel Bug to another cache. On and on it goes and most of these bugs end up traveling the world.

My TB, Bored Bacon, started here in Destin and has traveled all the way to the Czech Republic.

He's on the move again and is now in a small village in Spain.

A lot of cachers will take pictures of the TB as they travel and I always enjoy seeing the world through the eyes of my pig. That might sound crazy but it's true.

You can see some of his pictures here.

I found Buzz the Travel Bug the other day in a cache in Point Washington State Forest.

She's a cute little thing and I decided to take her to the beach and show her some sights.

She sat on the jetties, watching the waves roll in

And got to see a beautiful sunset.

I'll find another cache to put her in this week so someone else can pick her up and move her along.

Who knows where she'll visit next.

If I believed in reincarnation I might want to come back as a Travel Bug - it looks like they have a lot of fun!