How To Embarrass Your Wife

While we were at the Army Rangers Open House I saw this guy sitting all alone in his boat and wanted the Island King to take my picture with him.

I planned on sitting down, putting my arm around the lonely diver, smiling and being done in under a minute.

I should have known better.

The Island King starts saying "Pick up the gun and look mean."

Several people stopped walking and started watching me.

I picked up the gun but according to my photographer I wasn't holding it right for the picture so he runs up and tries to pose me and the gun.

Which caused more people to stop and watch.

I was starting to feel a lot like a carnival sideshow and way over wanting my picture taken when he hands me the camera and says "Let me show you how to do it"

There he goes.

Too bad you can't hear him. He was grunting, growling and snorting like a big ole hog.

He finished his display and got a round of applause from the crowd he'd drawn.

I shook my head and told the boys that their father can't go anywhere without making a spectacle of himself.

He walked up as I was saying that, grinned and said "That's just how I roll, baby!"

I wonder about that man sometimes.