An Evening at Harborwalk

We spent Saturday evening wandering around Harborwalk, people watching and waiting for the Departure concert to start.

I'm pretty sure we saw this same woman at the Renaissance Festival.

After I took this picture I asked the Youngest why he had such a funny look on his face and he said "I didn't mind standing next to her but I didn't know she was going to TOUCH me!"

It's amazing to me how she can stand perfectly still for hours on end.

I'm a fidgeter which would rule out a job like hers for me.

I've become fire hydrant fixated lately so this one caught my eye immediately.

I like him.

We ran into a pirate that the Island King claimed to be old friends with.

He didn't have a lot to say so I don't know if they're really old friends or if he just looks like someone the Island King used to know LOL

Cars were bumper to bumper coming into town.

Living in a tourist town definitely has its disadvantages but the good thing is we don't have to travel to be here.

Someone was taking wedding pictures out on Norriego Point.

Which I'm sure will be beautiful.

I like wandering around down there, it's never boring and there's always something going on.