Saturday, July 2, 2011

Feet In The Sand

We spent a MUCH needed day at the beach today and enjoyed every minute of it.

And oddly enough, we didn't draw much attention to ourselves either.

Well, except for this.

Remember the hat he found in the trash can on Navarre Pier?

He still has it and has decided that it "looks even cooler" with his visor stuck on the top of it.

Luckily, the kids and I are used to people staring at him.

The Youngest Island Boy found a rock, named it Jerry, and spent the rest of the day playing with it.

It was really funny to watch because some kids next to us were staring at him and the Island Girl and I realized that he's just like his father - only shorter.

We walked down to the Coast Guard Station to look for shells in the grass but didn't see any real pretty ones.

These people were looking for shells too.

On our way back the Island King and the Youngest stopped to look at some old fish bones and I noticed that the Youngest had another rock.

He named that one Tom and when we got back to our stuff he introduced Tom to Jerry.

They hit it off immediately.

The Island Girl and I had a long discussion about how to eat watermelon.

She believes that it's uncivilized not to use a fork.

I told her that there's only one way to eat watermelon at the beach.

With your face.

Which she says is disgusting and to please bring her a fork next time because she won't be eating watermelon with her face any more.


We went home tired but happy - which is the perfect way to spend a Friday.
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