Wildlife Photography At It's Best

The Island King and I decided to ride out to Point Washington Saturday afternoon to check on our Message in a Bottle cache.

We wanted to wait until the end of the day so it wouldn't be so hot and by the time we got out there it was almost dark.

These trails are so cool in the dark.

Fascinating and a little scary all at once.

I'd made a critical error by not bringing bug spray - a true idiot error - and by the time we reached the cache at least a million mosquitoes were swarming us.

Volkswagen sized mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes so big and hungry that our chubby selves actually ran, uphill, back to the truck, to escape them.

You can look at us and tell we don't run very often.

Once we escaped the mosquitoes, we started a slow drive home through the forest.

I had my camera in my lap and as we rounded a bend a good sized rabbit ran across our path.

"Did you get his picture?"

"No, he ran across so fast I never had time to pick up the camera."

And he snickered about my lack of wildlife photography skill.

A few minutes later we rounded another bend and there in the palmettos along the side of the road was a beautiful doe.

Who stood perfectly still, looking at us.

I grabbed the camera and started snapping pictures.

This is the best one.

We're stopped in the middle of the trail and the Island King gets frustrated with my photographic capabilities and grabbed the camera from me.

Because he's a photographer, you know.

Good grief.

This picture would have been stunning.

She turned her head and her profile was beautiful in the glow from our headlights.

And then she walked right up CLOSE to the truck.

She was looking at us and we were looking at her and we couldn't have asked for a better photo op.

But this is what we got.

Do you think there's a market for a coffee table book of wildlife photography screw up pictures?

We have a lot of those.