The Birmingham Museum of Art

While we were in Birmingham we decided to spend the morning at the Birmingham Museum of Art.

It was mid-morning on a Wednesday so we had the entire place to ourselves - which was really nice.

They allow cameras but no flash so I took a lot of pictures but because of the lighting and the fact that I wasn't using a tripod and slow exposure they aren't very good.

I was amazed at how big this museum is! Over 180,000 sq feet with a huge variety of pieces and collections.

The Island Girl and Cruella DeVille immediately headed for the Modern Art section while I decided to start with European Art.

I have to say that wandering around that museum, completely alone, was incredible!!!!

Because I homeschool my children and work with my husband, I don't get to be alone very often. Even if they aren't with me I'm in a crowded grocery store or something so to be able to wander from room to room in total silence and solitude was better than swimming in the Fountain of Youth.

Porcelain from the Ming Dynasty

Chippendale furniture

A chair crafted by Frank Lloyd Wright

African Art - a lot of which is very dark and scary

Asian Art, Pre-Colombian, Native American, the list goes on and on.

We stayed for several hours and had a wonderful morning. We could have stayed longer but Birmingham is a long way from Destin and it was time to get moving.

Thank you, Birmingham Museum of Art!