Lost - Island King Style

Not long ago the Island King and I went up into the woods geocaching and I had a huge AAAHHHAAA evening and knew where we were.

Which was truly a spectacular event for me. Being directionally challenged is a real pain in the behind, and for me, knowing where we were was like winning the lottery.

I was no longer cursed to wander the earth lost.

Or so I thought.

Until the other night when we went into Pt Washington State Forest to find another cache.

I looked at the map, looked at the GPS, looked at the road and realized that whatever spirit possessed me last time had left the building.

I was once again lost.

Which is not a problem when the Island King is with me because the man has an uncanny sense of direction and never gets lost.

So we're driving through the woods and he's looking at the GPS and telling me that we seem to be circling the cache and need to find a road in.

We drove up and down quite a few trails and the Island King was getting more frustrated by the minute.

We finally got relatively close so we decided to park the truck and walk to the cache.

We bushwacked a short distance (I hate doing that in the dark!) and came out on another road which happened to be 40 feet from the cache location.

So we looked for a few minutes but couldn't find it and he tells me that he's going to go get the truck so we can use the headlights to help us search.

I kept looking and about 10 minutes later he comes back - without the truck.

He says he walked on the road for a while but never came close to finding a way to our truck so he came back to get me.

We bushwacked back the way we came, got into the truck and set out to find the road we'd just been on.

It took 45 minutes and a lot of luck before we found it.

Using the headlights we searched for the cache again and after another half hour decided to call it a night. We'd have to come back to find this one during the day.

Back into the truck we go and are ready to get out of the woods and into TGIFridays.

We drove and drove, turned here and there but couldn't find the road out.

And the Island King is getting more frustrated by the minute.

At first I was a little confused but then I realized what was happening.

He was lost!!

He stopped the truck and pulled up our breadcrumb trail on the GPS and stared in shock at the trail we'd made.

"What the hell is happening?"

It took a while for me to stop laughing and say "Honey, you're lost."

The look on his face was priceless - which caused me to laugh even harder.

We finally made it out of the woods and he kept saying "I just don't understand" over and over again.

Later, we were sitting in Fridays and he said "I used to think your lack of directional ability was funny but I have a lot more sympathy for you now. It really sucks to drive around and around and around and not know where you are."

Welcome to my world, babe!