A Geocache Rescue

After the boy's birthday dinner we decided to stop and look for a geocache that my Dad and I have looked for MANY times and never been able to find.

My Aunt and Uncle are cachers too so Dad and I figured with that many eyes looking, surely we would find it.

The cache is hidden among some landscaping ties and after walking along for a minute I felt a loose bolt.

I pulled it out of the railroad tie and it had a broken wire on the end of it but no cache container.


We all agreed that this was the cache but the actual container was missing.

Which prompted Dad and Uncle G to declare that the container must be stuck down in the hole I'd pulled the bolt out of.

We're going to need tools.

The Island King went home with the Island Girl after dinner but I had his truck, which meant I had tools.

Dad always teases the Island King about all of the stuff he carries in the back of his truck but we had everything we needed plus some.

Several large screwdrivers, pliers, a pry bar, and a zip tie are not things you usually need to find a geocache and you usually don't have to dismantle a stack of railroad ties to extricate the container but we prevailed and after about 45 minutes the cache was in our hands.

We replaced the log and zip tied the container back to the bolt and slid the cache back into the hole.


And we finished just in time because my Mom, the non-geocacher, was more than ready to go home.

That's the thing about geocaching, you never know when a simple park and grab will turn into an hour long adventure.

Which is why I'm hooked.