Saturday, July 28, 2012

Fudpuckers in Destin

Fudpucker's Beachside Bar and Grill in Destin has a rambling, shanty-shack sort of look and when you drive by you can't help but think "What is that about?"

And they have a big sign that proclaims good food and live alligators.

In South Florida, live gator signs are a pretty common sight, but up here in the Panhandle? Not so much.

Along with 3 floors for dining, they have a bar inside, a big bar out on the deck and a playground for the kids.

All of which overlook Gator Beach.

The gator pond is home to 100 small alligators and every half hour a gator handler gives an educational "gator facts" show.

The alligators live at Fudpuckers until they reach a certain length and then are picked up by a gator handling company (I have no idea who actually does this but I know they are licensed through the State) and replaced with smaller ones.

Fuds is also home to Mellow Yellow - a rare yellow alligator.

He stays in this tank part of the day and then has a pond out back where he lives.

You can also have your picture taken holding a gator.

There are all kinds of interesting things to look at while you wait for dinner

Which is good, because you will have to wait - which makes some people cranky.

The good news is that a platter of Fudpucker's Seafood Nachos and some fried shrimp will send cranky right out the door.

Fudpucker's is a fun place to visit and if you get a chance, stop by.

Just don't pee on the gators!
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