Osprey Nest at White Point

When we were at White Point on Father's Day we sat pretty close to an Osprey nest but as usual our wildlife photography skills sucked and in the end we had a camera full of blurry Osprey flybys.

But the next time we went (the day the Island King tried to drown me) we managed to get some pretty decent shots of the Osprey.

Shocking, I know.

We never could tell if there were babies in the nest but the male Osprey did come by and drop off a fish for her at the nest and I've read that when there are no babies the females hunt for themselves.

After we got home I was looking up some stuff about Ospreys and found this live web cam of an Osprey nest in Montana.

It's been fun to watch - the babies look more like chickens than Ospreys.

The North American Osprey population became endangered in the 1950s due to chemical pollutants such as DDT, which thinned their eggshells and hampered reproduction.

Fortunately, they have rebounded significantly in recent decades.

They really are amazing birds and always interesting to watch.