Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Black and Decker's Little Flashlight

Every once in a while I like to write about a product I love. I’m not being paid or sponsored for my “reviews” I just like to share things I’ve found that work well for me.

Finding a working flashlight in my house is impossible. I have no idea what those boys to do them but the few that actually get returned are always broken.

Not batteries dead kind of broken but busted lightbulb, pieces missing kind of broke.

A while back the Island King and I were going to find a night cache and I couldn’t find a working flashlight anywhere. Even the flashlight that lives in my geocaching bag was missing.

So we stopped at the store and went on the great flashlight hunt.

I looked at every flashlight the store had and in the end, the Island King and I both chose this Black and Decker small flashlight.

It’s small, lightweight, clips onto your belt or easily fits into a pocket.

I really am impressed with this flashlight.

The light is seriously bright and the batteries seem to last longer than the promised 5 hours.

I bought each of the Island Boys one for Christmas and amazingly, they haven’t broken or lost them.

The Youngest really likes the Red, Green and Blue lens covers that come with the light so he can change the color of the beam.

I have finally found a good, durable, long lasting flashlight and for only $9.99 it’s a good deal.
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