We Are NOT the Oddest People On Our Street

For quite a few years I’m sure my neighbors have thought we were the oddest people on our street.

We don’t ever have a perfectly manicured yard, there are always bikes, skateboards, kayaks, and whatever new “treasure” the Island King has found on the side of the road tossed about and I’m positive that drives some of our neighbors crazy.

But then, the poor woman around the corner snapped and decorated her yard with a teddy bear stuck headfirst into a portable toilet.

That took some of the focus off of us, but not much. The woman is obviously unstable while we just appear to be rednecks.

But then it happened.

The Great Beer Can bush popped up.

The Bud Light cans and the clothes hanger top anything we’ve ever had in our yard.

Some people might be unhappy to have a beer can bush on their street.

Personally, I love it.

Anything to draw attention away from my yard.