Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Taking Jake to Tower Camp

We went to Tower Camp this past weekend to bury Jake.

Our cat Stripe is buried there along with 3 of my BIL’s pets so I guess we have our own little pet cemetery going on up there. It just seems like the perfect place to lay our pets to rest.

Unfortunately, it has been raining, hard, for the past several days and Tower Camp is not exactly rain friendly.

The roads flood, the field floods, the creek rises – it’s just a big mess up there when it rains.

It also made the clay up there twice as heavy. The Island King and the Youngest Island Boy worked hard digging a grave for Jake.

At one point I heard the Youngest talking about how glad he was that Jake was a small dog and the Island King said “Yep, can you imagine having to dig this hole to bury Mom?”


The Island King swears it was just an observation but I’ll be keeping an eye on that man.

After Jake’s funeral, we went to look at the creek.

All of the local rivers are at flood stage so I was curious to see what our creek looks like.

It was a bit higher than normal but it was running so fast, it would have been almost impossible to walk in.

It definitely doesn’t look like the same creek we were playing in a few months ago.

We drove around, exploring the forest for a while 

and while some of the roads were looking a little rough 

there were also several roads that we decided to explore another day.

We made it home just after dark and just before the next big storm rolled in.

We’re going to miss Jake but we will always have his memory. 

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