Saturday, March 2, 2013

Choctawhatchee River Flooding

We’ve had an amazing amount of rain lately and because of that the rivers here are running high.

My parents, the Youngest Island Boy and I rode up to Bruce today to take a look at the Choctawhatchee River.

Our first stop was the foot of the bridge on Hwy 20 leading from Bruce into Ebro.

This is a beautiful spot with a camping area, picnic pavilions and a boat launch and while I expected the river to be high I had no idea it was this high.

The entire park is under water. The pavilion you see is the entrance and the camping and picnic areas are farther around the bend, under all of that water. 

The water was over 17 feet when we were there, which is almost 4 feet above flood level.

And it hasn’t crested yet.

Reports are that it will crest between 20 and 23 feet between Thursday and Saturday.

From there we traveled south to Rooks Bluff.


That's our camping spot out there.       

I’ve seen several floods here but nothing like this one.

The water won’t reach the top of the bluff I’m standing on but anybody lower than this, anywhere along this stretch of the Choctawhatchee is more than likely going to be underwater – if they aren’t already. 
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