Men Should Never Comment on a Woman's Age

I have no problem with my age and in fact I’m happy that I’m getting old enough to be eccentric. I’m also looking forward to becoming the age where I no longer have to censor things I might want to say because people will just shake their heads and call me a crazy old bat.

So age and I have no problems.

But strangers really need to stop commenting on it.

First there was the guy in the Dollar Store and it happened again today.

I stopped in a convenience store and got beer to take to the beach.

The store is run by two brothers from India and today when I came in there was an older man behind the counter as well. The older brother, who just for the record, is about my age, told me that the man is his father.

He’s just arrived here and is learning to work in the store.

So the son is showing him how to ring up the transaction and the father asks him a question in his native language.

The son says “No, she’s obviously over 30.”

“Whoa!” I say.

The father stops what he’s doing and begins chastising the son. I couldn’t understand what he was saying but I know what it looks like when a parent scolds a child, no matter how old they are.

The son has a sheepish look on his face, looks at me and says “I am so sorry. You don’t look much past your teenage years. And my father said to tell you that I am an idiot.”


I wasn’t really offended when he said I was obviously over 30 and was only messing with him but his father’s reaction was priceless.

Then his father handed me the change and said something to me.

The son translated and said “My father has given you .50 extra change as an apology for me being an idiot and he hopes you will return.

I smiled and told the father that I would most certainly be back.

I’m thinking the son is now one less person who comments on women’s age.