Birthday at the Beach

Since the Youngest Island Boy wanted to parasail for his birthday we went out to the beach behind the Back Porch Restaurant, where the Perdido Key Parasail – Destin is located.

This is a really popular beach and is always packed.

Some people really like that but I personally don't like crowded places – especially beaches.

I didn't realize how much that had rubbed off on my son until he said “After we go parasailing can we go to Bridge Beach to spend the rest of the day?”

When I asked why he didn't want to stay where we were he said “There are entirely too many people here.”

It was funny to hear me coming out of his mouth. I hear my Mom come out of mine all the time but I don't think I've heard me come out of my kids until now.

We went parasailing and had a blast.

From there it was off to Bridge Beach, where the Island Girl and Comany were hanging out.

I have to admit I prefer this kind of crowded too. Some people but not too many and nobody has to sit 3 rows back from the water.

We relaxed, swam and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon.  

I never have understood why this particular child prefers to be head down in the water - but he does. Constantly.

My Dad says the Island King looks like a scary Phyllis Diller. 

Phyllis Diller I'm not sure about but he does have some scary hair. Which is getting cut ASAP.

After we'd been there for a while he decided that he had too much sand in his shorts so out into the water he goes. 

He could have easily taken off his shorts, swished out the sand and put them back on but then no one would realize he didn't have any drawers on. 

So he had to hold them up for everyone to see. 

Which wasn't nearly as embarrassing as it could have been. 

He reached that point when a tour bus full of people - taking pictures of the beach - was stopped in traffic on the bridge and he mooned them. 

Those poor folks. Their first look at our little slice pf paradise and they see his big ole butt. 

Once it got dark we were off to Bass Pro Shop so the Youngest could spend his birthday money on a new BB gun for Tower Camp

It's a good thing he was born on the longest day of the year because we had one long day but the Youngest really enjoyed his birthday and so did I.