Joe's Bayou Cache - 2nd Stage

We went back to the boat ramp this afternoon to find the rest of the Joe's Bayou cache.

The kids didn’t want to go so it was just the Island King and I.

We went to the spot we had marked last night and after searching for a minute I saw another micro wired to a bush.

Inside of it were more coordinates – that of course took us back to the beach we started from.

We got down to the beach and the GPS put ground zero on the rocks at the edge of the beach.

We looked around the rocks some but it just didn’t make sense to put it where high tide could get it so I backed up and started looking around a pine tree nearby.

I used my foot to move some grass and when I touched the grass with my foot I heard plastic.

I had put my foot right on it.

It was a container like the one at Rook’s Bluff but was wrapped in cammo tape.

It had some trinkets in it but nothing we wanted so we took nothing and left nothing.

This one was fun and I think the Island King would have enjoyed it more if it hadn’t been in the exact spot he was planning to put his own cache.