Blue Angels Night Show

After spending all day at the Blues show we walked back to the campground, rested our feet, changed into warm clothes and then walked right back to the flight line for the night show.

The sunset was beautiful and the colors over the air field were amazing.

Since we'd spent the day seeing everything on the tarmac we went right to the bleachers and found a seat for the show.

The kids were all exhausted but they'd heard about the Wall of Fire and nothing was going to keep them from seeing that.

Several planes took to the skies and it was interesting to watch them at dusk when all you could see were their lights.

The Jet Truck was up next and it was pretty impressive. Earlier in the day we saw it race a plane and it left that plane FAR behind in a matter of seconds.

For the night show they set off a big ball of fire and smoke

And then the truck came roaring out of the flames.

It drove up and down the flight line and then took off at jet speed for parts unknown.

Otto the helicopter came next and let me tell you this helicopter is fascinating to watch. It flies backwards and straight up and down and does all kinds of things that you wouldn't think a helicopter could do.

For the night show it shot fireworks out of the bottom and then lowered the American flag.

There was a long fireworks show

And finally it was time for the Wall of Fire.

It started with 2 small explosions in the center of the runway

Then a larger explosion in the center

Followed by 2 larger explosions in the center

Which triggered a lot of mini explosions up and down the line

And as they died out there was a countdown and then POOF

A wave of heat blasted us and there was fire. A big fire.

The kids were blown away and I think most of the adults were too. It really is something to see.

The kids were tired but kept themselves busy on the walk back talking about how cool the jet truck and the fire had been.

Their mom thought it was pretty cool too.

If you ever have a chance to see the Wall of Fire, go for it.
It's pretty spectacular.